any MJ's in poppy still available???

  1. hey girls,
    i was browsing like i often do for Mj bags and came across the poppy color. i see that is was a spring 07 release and most places online are sold out of whatever styles they had in this color. can anyone direct me to some bags i can still buy in the poppy color? (even better if they're on sale) and if anyone owns anything in this color, would you take pics??? im dying to see what it looks like IRL! thank you!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. thanks!
  3. I could be wrong but I thought Poppy was a spring 2008 color. :confused1:
  4. oh is it?? i asked about a bag in the i.d. thread and someone said it was spring 07...
  5. I just checked the MJ website and Poppy is from Resort 2007. Sorry! :shame:
  6. no problem, melly! i didn't know anything about it until i asked here. i was hoping maybe since it was last year, i'd be able to find something on sale's a cool color...
  7. I've seen the Totally Turnlock Teri in poppy at Bloomingdale's, and they have it online at Nordstrom: CLICK

    ETA: They have it in the Quinn: CLICK

    and Totally Turnlock Faridah:

    and Totally Turnlock Heidi:

    But I haven't seen anything in the regular MJ line. It's such a pretty color!
  8. The Nordstrom here in San Antonio has maybe 4 or 5 different styles in this color. It is stunning IRL!
  9. I don't know about MJ, but there are some Marc by Marc Jacobs items in Poppy on shop bop now.
  10. Unfortunately I haven't seen any of the MbyMJ Resort 07 Poppy items on sale but it is definitely a nice color and so is the acid yellow! :heart:
  11. thank you everyone for all the help and links!!!
  12. My local Nordies has a bunch of bags in Poppy left!