Any MJ fans in the Seattle area?

  1. I'm going to Seattle next week and would like to know where I can find a good selection of Marc Jacobs bags. I think I should play with several styles before I start my quest. I've only really looked at a Venetia. When I see pics of the patchwork Stam, I really like it too. Also, are there any Nordstrom Rack stores that carry more handbags than others? Or is it hit and miss? I've only been to the downtown one. TIA :smile:
  2. the downtown Nordstroms is the best for bags. it has the best selection. the bellevue store is good too.

    i think the Nordstrom rack downtown is pretty bad for bags. i've had better luck at the Nordstrom rack in bellevue/factoria or the one at the supermall (they had some mbmj bags a week ago). but overall i think it's very hit or miss. oh and i found a marc jacobs bag at the tjmaxx at the factoria mall a few weeks ago.
  3. I second what sweeet said. The downtown Seattle store usually has the most designer bags but lately I think I have seen more MJ at the Bellevue store.

    There is a boutique about a block from the Seattle Nordstrom that sells Tods, Prada, etc. but I don't remember the name or whether they carried MJ. Hopefully someone else would know.

    I have never had any luck with MJ bags at any of the NR locations, TJ Maxx, etc. in the Seattle area. I have only seen 1 at the NR in Factoria and it was an ugly style (not a current style) that I've only seen on Bluefly.
  4. Yep - Downtown Seattle store has a good selection, but my all time favorite is the Bellevue Square Nordies - they have a whole new designer handbag selection with all the new MJ fall styles. My favorite SA there, Marie, is so much fun to work with! Have fun on your trip!
  5. Barney's NY in Pacific Place at downtown Seattle also carries MJ. Good luck :smile: