Any Miu Miu store in Toronto

  1. Can anybody let me know where Miu Miu Store in Toronto, or it is only located in Holt Refrew? Do they have all Miu Miu bags? Thanks.:confused1:
  2. Hey Lisa!

    Unfortunately, there is no Miu Miu store in Toronto!

    sad, I know! : (

    I've been to Miu Miu stores in New York City and in London, England, so if there is something in particular that you want, you could try calling those stores. : )

    Holt's carries Miu Miu bags, but I've yet to see a Coffer on the floor. I'd advise you to check out and for a great selection of Coffer bags, if that's indeed what you're looking for!

    : )
  3. Aside from Holts, Corbo in Toronto (Yorkville) carries Miu Miu bags as well.
  4. I would try Holt Renfrew they have a good selection here in edmonton.