Any Miu Miu in Washington DC?

  1. Any tPF'ers familiar with Miu Miu available in the Nieman Marcus there or elsewhere in DC?
  2. I saw some at NM, Saks Chevy Chase, & Tyson's. :yes:
  3. Wow thanks! Do they have a decent selection of bags? I want to check out the coffer and maybe the bow bag....did you see any of these? What colors?
  4. NM Chevy Chase had Coffer bags (bright colors) and Two Bow bag (Black and Pink). Saks only had the Bow bag in Pink, Light Gray and Beige.:smile:
  5. I bought my black leather coffer from Tyson's Saks...they had several good chevy chase I think saks and nm don't have that much bag..chevy chase nm also has great pradas but not much miu mius...but this was 2 months ago when I was there
  6. At Saks in Chevy Chase, handbags, shoes, sunnies etc.
  7. Saks in Tysons 2 has Miumiu as well...
  8. Thanks for your responses, ladies. Bad news, just found out my schedule in DC is terribly tight, and am not sure if I have time to make it to Tysons or Chevy Chase. Is there a train or metro to Tysons or Chevy Chase? Better still, any Miu Miu to be had in downtown DC?
  9. Chevy Chase is the easiest to get to - just take the Metro red line to Friendship Heights. I was there today and NM had a better selection of Miu Miu bags. :smile: