Any Mini Looping or Looping MM Owners???

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  1. I've always loved the look of these bags and recently noticed they have come down in price quite a bit. I have never held one in my hands so I'm hoping to get some input before buying! I'm looking for a Neverfull GM downsize bag for summer that I can carry day into evening. I'm wondering if the Mini Looping fits on your shoulder? Also, does the handle stay upright all the time or does it swivel?

    Any thoughts on the different sizes with photos would be amazing!!!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I sold my small looping last year. They are a good buy however I just never used it. I love my Eva for a small bag. My bag never twisted however my sister had the next size and always twisted and LV was not helpful at all. I would say they are so cheap pre loved if you want one try it!
  3. Thank you! When you say twisted, do you mean the seam on the handle twisted? I just happened to notice that on one of the listings I'm looking at!
  4. Her whole handle twists around so the seams don't match up. They fixed it once but it happened again. So I would ask sellers if this ever happened to theirs. Mine never had a problem though!
  5. I prefer the mini looping. Love the cute flap and looks cuter. yes it does go over your shoulder. The MM is hard to get into. Very tight zipper area. The straps do sometimes twist but you can untwist them yourself very easily by holding 1 side of the strap and rotating the other.
  6. Forgot. The handle does lay down on both loopings
  7. Thank you a ton! Wish me luck finding one!
  8. I love the Mini Looping. In fact, I love it so much that I have 3. I have two special orders: one in Damier Ebene and one in Red Epi.

    It fits on my shoulder but it would be build dependent.

    The handle does swivel but will sit "upright" independently if that's where you put it, if that makes sense?