Any military or military spouses in here?

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  1. Just looking to trade stories experiences and advice. I am a an army-wife currently living in South Korea ( I hail from FLA) and pcsing to Washington, would love to hear others experiences there or anywhere as a soldier or a spouse!!
  2. *raises hand* I'm a military spouse. Have been for almost 3 years now. My DH has been release fron the NG to go active duty! I'm excited to PCS to either Ft Lewis or Ft Benning.
  3. I am a military spouse. We just pcsed from Italy to Ft Benning. Be prepared to buy or rent household items when you move to your new duty station. In italy they gave us rental furniture until our stuff got there by boat . When we just got back stateside a few weeks ago they said sorry we do not provide items until your stuff gets here. We had to buy pots pans, towels and tons of stuff. We are renting furniture at rent a center for 100.00 each item a month!! Very Very expensive. We just talked to someone else who pcsed here from italy earlier and they are told they will have to wait more time for their stuff so they will have been here 6 months with no household items.
  4. hi chica, hi italy! wow I cant believe you have to go that long w/o your stuff. we are being posted @ ft meade. I have been an AW for 3years as well. we are coming from South Korea so all of our belongins are here except furniture. that we have to buy anyway so for this move that will be ok. we plan to bring 5 suitcases and ship 1 lg box w/ pots pans etc. thats how we moved here, but of course we still had to buy stuff. I have a 3 yr old son so this will be an interesting 16 hr flight! it is very nice to meet you both! hope to chat
  5. I have also been aw for 3 yrs! Good thinking about shipping a large box. We had nowhere to ship it to since we did not have housing when we got here. We found a nice apt in about 6 days. A lot better than italy housing :smile: I used to fly back and forth all the time. I probably made 15 or so trips! I will not miss those long flights.
  6. My husband and I are both Soldiers, and right now we're hanging out in Iraq.
    We live in the Northwest, and you are going to LOVE Washington! You'll have to come to the Seattle meet up for our homecoming, when Jason and I get home :biggrin:
  7. I am a mil spouse (and active duty myself) too. we are Air Force though.
  8. HIcandace, we are going to DC but if we were in the NW we would certainly be there! Be safe in the sandbox, and party your butts off when you get home! When do you guys get to come home?How is it being married and deployed @ same time?
    Hi anglarry, and thank you! From what I understand where we are going, (ft meade) it is a multi unit base, so army,af, navy usmc... have you ever been to a post like this? Do you find it easier or harder to be married AND active duty? where are you stationed?
    nice chatting with you all!!
  9. I am also an army wife, currently living in Yongsan.
  10. Wow, Candace, I just read your story of falling in love and it is like a military fairytale! (never thought those 2 words would appear in the same sentence) I just wanted to say it was touching and ask, if it has been made more difficult being deployed or stronger. Happy to hear a positive story!:hugs:
  11. I am not military nor a military wife but I really just wanted to drop a big THANK YOU to those of you who are. I could go on and on but am not so eloquent with words so again THANK YOU. Much love and support :smile:
  12. much thnx true gem!!
  13. I've now done a deployment with me home and him here, and now we are both here. Both situations are hard in their own ways, but I think it is easier because I'm in the military, period...likewise, so is he. It's harder for someone to have to sit at home and wonder what is going on. I admire all military spouses for that reason. Being here together is great in 100 million ways, but hard for another 100 million ways. I consider it, ultimately, a blessing. I am glad that my first deployment overseas is with my experienced combat arms soldier.