Any military or ex-military personnel out there?

  1. Just wondering if there were any military or ex-military out there. I served in the Army from 85-96.
    Any one? :woohoo:
  2. :tup: UK Mil here
  3. Currently w/ the Air Force!
  4. I served active duty Air Force 2001-2006 now I'm in the Air National Guard, still Air Force but on a state level.
  5. Not me, but was an Army brat up until the time I was 15! Does that count? :biggrin: Dad served in the US Army (Infantry) for 20 years
  6. Not in the military...but, been around it almost my entire life. I was an Air Force brat growing up. Hubby is in the process of retiring from the Australian Army Reserves (he was active duty for many years as well) - we actually met while I was working at an Army National Guard post in Arkansas.
  7. Of course it does! What rank was your dad?
  8. What branch?
  9. E7 when he retired. We were stationed all over the place. Kitzingen, Germany ; Goeppingen, Germany ; Ft. Riley, KS ; Fort Irwin, CA (were there for 7 years!); Camp Shelby, MS (in the area of Hattiesburg, my dad trained National Guard troops there) :smile:

    I loved being a military kid! I can't even imagine staying in one place for the rest of my life. After 4 or 5 years, I already get the "moving itch" lol

    Dad also served in the Gulf War. He was called up to go back for the Iraq War, but they couldn't take him because of his HBP and a knee injury that he got after he was out of the Army. This was around the time when he got sent to New Orleans and Biloxi after Hurricane Katrina to help with cleanup and rebuilding efforts
  10. Hey- I was in Ft. Rily- awful place!!!:tdown: I was stationed at Ft. Gordon, Ft. Stewart, Izmir Turkey and Ft. Ord. Did 10 months for Operation Clean-up (1st Gulf War. It probably wasn't called that but that's what it ended up as) Spent most of my time at Ord. Loved that place. Loved the travel. Was in for almost 11 years. Don't have wonderlust, 3 of my 4 kids are still at home. But when the last one leaves I just might dust off my ruck sack! :graucho:
  11. Not me, but the hubby is in the military :smile: HI has a huge military presence as well.
  12. lol, I don't remember much of Ft. Riley. I was only 2 when we lived there :smile: We lived in Junction City first
  13. There is only Junction City is you want to live within stricking distance of the base. Takes 10 minutes to go around the town once and you've seen everything including the transvestite street walker on the corner by the bus station! :p
    It's true! I remember!
  14. I was not in the military but I want to thank you for your service :flowers:. All members (active, retired, reserved) and their families, stay stong and be safe.
  15. My dh is.

    And yes...ft. riley/junction city is a $hit hole like no other! :smile: