Any Mid 30's Women?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm 36 and am wondering, am I too old for fun things like charms etc? LOL...I know it's a weird question, but it's a serious one for me.

    I guess I don't wanna look like I'm trying too hard or something..but everything's so friggin cute and I'm wondering if there are bag "fashion rules" that I should be aware of.

    (Stacy and Clinton have influenced me I guess).
  2. NO!!!!!

    I'm 35 and can't wait to get to the Coach Outlet and see what they have in a month. I haven't looked on eBay yet because I'm not sure what is real and what isn't. I would love to have a B though!
  3. Yep! I am. I'll be 37 on Wed. and Im all over the bright colored bags and charms/keyfobs to match! I say dive in and ENJOY!!
  4. Yea, I've been going back and forth as to whether I want the little pink sig picture frame keychain for my khaki/punch swing pack...but I just didn't know if it'd be too cutesy to seriously pull off.

    But you've convinced me :graucho:
  5. I'll be 34 in May. I don't feel that age, everyone tells me I don't look that age. So I am gonna work it for as long as I can. LOL. Today I was rocking the UGG boots and a skull scarf on my Speedy. I say you are only as old as you feel!
  6. I'm not mid 30s. I'm 40 and I put charms on my bags. I am careful not to purchase bags that I'm not comfortable carrying, like small ones that I consider too young looking but I do use charms. I just don't put more than 2 on my bag and I select ones that complement my bags but not clash or look "too loud". And I think the pink keychain would be adorable on the punch swingpack. I like the patchwork flower on my punch tote. Very cute! And right now, I have the patchwork flower and my smilie charm on an LV bag that I just got. CUTE!
  7. I'm 34 and I think it would be cruel, ageist, and sexist to expect women of certain ages to conform to some kind of dowdy, plain dress code for their handbags.

    It's all up to the individual, and to be perfectly frank, most people are too busy thinking about their own lives and problems to worry themselves whether your handbag looks "too young" on you. Carry what you like and what suits your personal style.
  8. I'm almost 34 and I agree with the others...You are only as old as you feel! HAVE FUN WITH IT...charms, and LIFE in general!!! :p
  9. I should also add that my Mom is 63 and also puts charms on both her Coach and LV bags.
  10. I am mid-30s and today I carried my Ergo tote with the skull charm attached next to the Coach hangtag. Age is just a number. Actually, you could get number charms and put those on your bag. LOL!
  11. Just turned 36 on the 5th and I think charms are wonderful. My 41 year old BFF just bought a few to put on her small and cute bag she just bought at the outlet and my 40 year old co-worker wore two ponytails to work the other day.

    All of us look good, I still get carded and once I go to the outlet in a few weeks charms and lanyards are my first order of business.
  12. I'm 36 and don't use charms, but don't think it's a big deal either. I just don't like them necessarily for me. I've bought a couple, and always return them. I loved the one of the bee at the outlet today, it was a key ring. But, I know I won't use it. I think for me, if I'm going to doll up my handbag, it would be with a scarf. :smile:
  13. I am almost 36.

    I just bought the Coach Skull Charm and sport it proudly!

    You can also catch me wearing Dr Martens and skater type shoes. :yes: And I have a couple of tattoos *gasp*

    I dont look 36 and refuse to change who I am. Age is nothing! :graucho:
  14. YOU are in the prime of your life and you make the rules! I am 40+ and I think it's all about having style. What suits YOUR personality? I love color and accessories but I keep the lines clean and don't go overboard. I have a green scribble flower charm hanging on my black leather Carly. I can't imagine Stacey and Clinton disapproving. It's a small thing that adds a personal touch to my bag. Enjoy being a girl and have fun doing it whether your 16, 36 or even 96! Now, go get that charm and feel fabulous wearing it!:yes:
  15. 32 and I put charms on my bags. :graucho: