Any Michael Kors fans?

  1. I have grown to love him.

    I like so many of his bags lately. I was in the Atlantic City store today and it took all my energy to leave with out buying something.

    I bought a really cute red bag of his about a month ago.
  2. I love his Michael Kors Astor satchel in luggage...other than that, I haven't found his latest styles too appealing.
  3. I have the Astor Overnighter Satchel in Luggage, and adore it! It's my BIG daybag, I can fit my laptop and everything in it. :love:
  4. I really like his bags, esp the leather ones.
  5. I haven't purchased one if his bags, but I really one that one in my avatar. Other than that I haven't seen too many of his bags that I want.
  6. I like Michael Kors styling in both his bags and clothes. It also took a lot of energy for me to leave his outlet store in Virginia without anything. I totally understand!
  7. i love his new satchel...i think it's gorgeous! i'm going to have to wait until my ban is over (next august...ARRGGHH!) to get it but i love's leather, amazing hardware...
  8. I have the Michael Kors Astor Satchel in Rose Pink Metallic with rhinestone studs... It holds up pretty well and it can fit everything I need...
  9. Thought I'd decorate this thread with some Astor eye candy.. :girlsigh:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. love michael kors! I have an astor in natural and the quality is great! His more expensive line has some great handbags as well!
  11. I am addicted to Michael Kors, from the luggage to the handbags. Great quality for the price.
  12. I just bought the cherry patent astor satchel and can't wait till it arrives hopefully this weekend...

    Where did you get the overnighter? I LOVE big bags and would really like to purchase that one to add to my collection....

    Has anyone seen the large overnighter in the Astor collection? I'm having a really hard time finding it. I"ll let everyone know what I think of the handbag once I receive, but, it looks adorable and very good quality for the price.
  13. I just bought a Michael Kors Harness Hobo in black/green a few weeks ago. I love it. The first time I took it out of the bag it was all slouchy and fit on my shoulder perfect. I love it!