any miami gals?

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  1. anyone interested in meeting in miami area?
  2. I'm new to the HERMES forum, but I'd love a trip to Bal Harbour if anyone is interested!
  3. Hi Miami ladies,
    I have a condo on Longboat Key and can drive over Alligator Alley to meet you or you can come to the Naples store, very nice new store.
    However, I am up here in DC now, doing some campaign work and wont be back in Florida until Feb of 2010.
    But I hope that we Floridians can stay in touch!
    best regards
    susan von
  4. Hi, I live in Coral Gables but am frequently sighted at H in Bal Harbor. I'm all for a meetup if anyone is interested. :smile:)
  5. I'm in Ocala horse country, but am always up for a road trip adventure. Naples is closest to me, but I'd love to visit Miami, too... :biggrin:
  6. Will be in US with my husband since the end of April for 2 weeks travelling from Miami to NYC. Any tPF’s meetings to be planed?
  7. I come to FLA frequently and will keep an eye out for your get togethers. Will probably be moving down later next year ad will definitely be pro-active in encouraging rendezvous' with you guys!
  8. I come to Miami a lot, have a second home in Coconut Grove. Will love to meet!:sunshine:
  9. I love the Grove! I'm more in the Boca area but a quick trip down 95 is no big deal. Also Bal Harbour Shoppes area always calling out my name.
  10. I would also love to meet, I live on west coast of Florida but visit family on east coast often. Please let me know where and when
  11. Count me in as well, i just started going to Miami but should be in and out for the next 6 months.
  12. I may be able to come as well. Moving back down sometime in '12 so will be back and forth before the big move.
  13. Hello! New to Hermes, but would love to meet up!
  14. I'm keeping an eye on this thread. Still live in NY but will be in Palm Beach County sometime in '12.
  15. :hugs: dearies

    I would love to join if the dates coincide w/ my visit, I'm in Aventura!
    I will PM you, need to pick your brains lol