Any Mercedes E Class Owners out there????

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  1. I purchased a shiny new 09' E Class 500. Now Mercedes has released a totally new body style for 2010. Am i being silly to be dissatisfied since i have seen the new generation E Class.:shrugs:
  2. I think they're becoming boxier again.
  3. I would be pi**ed! Nothing like buying last years body style UNLESS you got a KILLER deal on it that made up for it.

    PS I love the new e!!
  4. no, I'm funny about that too.
    I bought a new car last month and wouldn't look at 2 styles because I knew they were due for a change this next year :s
  5. havent the 2010's been out since like summer?
  6. Not sure. I purchased my vehicle mid March of 09. Not even a year old. Maybe i should of held off. Oh well....
  7. Im one of those people who thinks you should research a car before you buy it. My SO & I have known about the new E-Class model for some time now (actually looked into getting one). I feel if you would have researched the car, you would have known about the new model being released, the 2010's have been out since 2009, they are about to be releasing the 2011 cars.

    So, IMHO, you arent being "silly" for being dissatisfied because I wouldnt want to plop down money for an old model car either. But, I wouldnt have done that because I would have known about the new model and held out a bit.

    Anyhow, congratulations on the new car, the E-Class is an excellent choice. You should be happy with it, Mercedes is a reliable company that makes nice looking, luxurious cars.

    Edit: I just noticed you purchased your car in March of 09. Im not sure when the exact release of the '10 model was, but I bet you missed out by about a month!
  8. not all next year models come out the summer before. The new 10 Lexus GX wasn't released until this past month. Often it's in Sept.
  9. You are right dear. Also the body styles doesn't change every year that a new car is released. Most foreign cars change body style every 5 to seven years. However i am becoming satisfied again with my purchase.:yahoo:: Just had to rant to the other Mercedes owners on TPF.
  10. Im not sure who that was directed to, but, I didnt mean they release a new body style every year, but they do release most models the year prior. In the case of the new body E-Class, the 2010 was indeed released last year, the photos were all over the internet in January '09.
  11. I bought a 2006 E500 in April of 2006. I wasn't told that in 5 short months the 2007 550s would be available. I was a little po'd since I special ordered my 500 (it took 3 months to receive). I just felt that the sales person should have given me the option.
  12. It is my understanding that from the time a car hits the dealership, the dealers pay monthly fees on current inventory. So, sales staff is encouraged to sell what is ON the lot that day. And I feel sure there would be even more pressure in this direction when the "new and improved" models were soon to release.
  13. probably so . . .
    but it's VERY easy to find out when body changes are due if you do even a teeny bit of homework, that's how I knew to mark 2 styles off my list.
  14. ^^ very true. Just don't expect the sales staff to tell you about it.
  15. i love the new 2010 e class... i woudl be pissed off if i knwo thta months after i bougth my car. a new model comes out....