Any Mercedes Benz owners C240 4matic?

  1. ..the Baby Benz..I love it. Any comments ? Good or Bad
  2. It was supposed to be my next car but we got pregnant again and I had to get a van instead (whince). I've driven them for a couple of weekends (MB uses them as loaners) and liked the drive. The size was also perfect for me. Go take one out on a test drive!!!

  3. I just bought one and do love it!! I am going to be 40 and I have 3 daughters and my oldest will be starting to drive and she will be getting my old Volvo... We didn't need a bigger sedan. I loved the look of the car and the test drive...oh so smooth. I've always wanted a Mercedes. Before you know it, your kids will be all grown up:smile: enjoy all the wonderful moments
  4. I have an '06 C230, the baby sister to the baby benz :smile:
    I lurve my car with everything in me. :yahoo:
    I love the drive, the handling, the classiness of it BUT the only thing I have found is that my car stays in the shop for little stuff. When I was doing my research to buy (choosing between it, BMW and the Audi A4), many of my friends who owned warned me that I would experience problems with it.
    So far nothing major and everything is covered under warranty. I did cough up the extra dough for the Mercedes Benz care plan though, because of their advice.
    When I say little things I mean stuff like: I've replaced the motor in my sunroof 2 times already, there was a squeaky "spring" or some such that made the car sound like it was about to fall apart, they said it was a known defect and fixed it, the aluminum around the lip of the cup holder started to peel within 6 mos and they replaced it, etc...just annoyances.
    I did not purchase the extended warranty since I only plan to keep my car for one more year, but if you plan to pay it off and keep it, then you might want to invest in that.

    Other cool stuff:
    The car brakes around corners for you, lol. Seriously if you're going too fast it gently applies the brakes to keep it on the road. In the 240 I am pretty sure that it has the rollover sensor that closes the open windows/sunroof if it senses an impending rollover.

    I am a Mercedes fan for life!:woohoo:
  5. I was looking through for a pic I could post but I just wiped my HD and installed Leopard, so none, sorry.
    But mine is black and I got the limo tint on it (in Tampa, the cops leave you alone for the most part) then I got the chrome door handle protectors and the headlight rings, just to give it a bit of personality. LOL. It's a beauty when I have it washed and waxed :smile:
  6. Atrinioman,
    thanks for the info. I did some research before purchasing and some reviews were electronic issues, some have no problems with the car at all, and some said how expensive repairs and maintaining are snd will be. I guess with any car, at some point while owning it, things may arise.

    For now, loving and enjoying the Benz. Plus, I look great in it!! "Super hot" as my sister says. Its a family joke/statement.
  7. BTW, Congratulations on your new car Loft Lady! LOL I got so excited talking about mine, I forgot to extend my congratulations. :shame:

    Enjoy it, have fun, and welcome to the MB Club! :tup:

    Speaking of which there's a MB forum, that I check out occasionally for tips/advice etc They're super helpful if you ever have questions.
  8. Thanks for the info and the Benz forum. I checked it out today,good info. Thanks again:tup: