Any Mercedes 08 C300 owners yet?

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  1. Hi all! I am thinking about getting one of the MB C300 or C350 sport models. Anyone have one? Any major issues I should know about?
    I will also be trying the Bmw 3 series today!
  2. The C350 is more powerful than the C300! I really enjoyed driving it!
    Anyone else tried one or bought one?
  3. i have the 07 c230 and i don't think i'm going to get the new one after my lease is over next jan. the little electrical bugs are too much for me. my moonroof doesn't close with the one touch. i have to hold it in the "up" position for it to close. i'm going back to bmw's after this lease is over. besides, bmw's have the free maintenance. it wasn't fun paying $200+ for an oil change and a "check up"
  4. DH and I saw one on the road yesterday. It looks very nice and sporty. GL with car buying.
  5. Thanks ladies! I tried the BMW 325 tonight and really liked it! I also am not too keen on paying for regular maintenance. I think it gets better gas milage than the MB. I have never owned either.
    Hopefully I will decide in the next few days!!!
  6. When we test drove the C350 last autumn I liked the 7-speed automatic gear box, it was incredibly smooth. The styling of the car is slick, the suspension comfortable. What really turned me off though was the quality of the interior, you can really tell that MB pushed the quick saver button there. Cheap feeling plastic all over the place. Very disappointing.
  7. Our friend just got the new 08. He really likes it.

    I'm getting the CLK sometime soon. Not sure how the gas compares to BMW, but I have heard BMW is having major electrical issues for seats, etc.
  8. wow! It seems like there's tradeoffs with each vehicle. I still am leaning toward the bmw cause the torque was great and the way it hugs the curves...I have never owned a sports car, so it's very exciting!
    maybe I 'm having midlife crisis early! I did have a pretty big birthday. LOL!
  9. Vlad,I agree about the 7 speed. I love it, and I can't drive regular stick shift. The interior was odd. I guess I will keep researching. Consumer Report did not rate the MB very highly.
  10. ^^^I have the 08 CLK which I love had it since Labor day weekend. The new C's are very cute and sporty and the nav screen is huge.