Any Matt Damon fans?

  1. This is hilarious!
  2. Have you seen this? I love this!

    (It's from Eurotrip!)

    Um . . . both of these videos are fairly racy, so just use parental discretion.
  3. He is hot! And Kristen Kreuk is one lucky girl haha.
  4. he is too funny! i have always loved him and makes it even better that he is from my home state of Mass!!
  5. I thought that was so funny when I saw it yesterday, I love that matt damon has a personality as well!
  6. I saw it a few days ago, totally hilarious! :roflmfao:
  7. Sooo funny! I wasn't really familiar with the whole Kimmel/Damon joke history, so I looked that up too- the video of Matt Damon and Guillermo is hilarious. He has such a great sense of humor.
  8. I love this video!! The Bourne/Guillermo is good as well!!
  9. Yup! Love Matt Damon. I've always thought he was hot! Not to mention a great actor!
  10. OMG as soon as i saw this thread i thought exactly of that clip! its so funny!
  11. love it!!!

    on the bed, on the floor, on a towel by the door
    in a tub, in the car, up against the mini bar!!
  12. haha this video is so great...I don't know anyone who watched Jimmy Kemmel or whatever..but I love me some Matt Damon. Just in the last six months I pretty much watched all of his movies for the first time and he is sooo amazing..and hott :smile:
  13. Me!!! Count me in :love:. I am actually in love with Jason Bourne, not Matt Damon. Lol. Just kidding, he isa great actor I loved him in the Departed, he was such a pig .

    Becka that was soooo funny. I loved it.


    PS Caitlin, that video from Eurotrip never gets old, I love it... Scottie doesnt know :graucho: !!

  14. I think it is the same one ! :nuts:

    now lets just stop typing here and go f**k Matt Damon ! ;)