Any married ladies just wear your wedding band?

  1. Ever since I got married, I find I wear my engagement ring about 1/2 the time... the past few weeks, I've gotten into a pattern of just wearing my band. Is this weird? I LOVE the way the band looks by itself (it's a diamond band with alternating rounds and baguettes - basically the same as the attached pic), and my engagement ring is rather fragile (it's not a diamond, and it's set very high) so some days, I just don't want to bother with it.

    I feel kind of guilty when I do this for an extended period of time, though, because my engagement ring was pricey (as most are!) and does have a lot of sentimental value to me... although the wedding ring has more. I know my husband would like it if I wore the engagement ring more often.

  2. my wedding set is a plain thin gold band paired with a double row of diamonds - anniversary style - on another gold band. i wear either the set or another 18k gold wider gold band alone. just a preference especially when i wear leather gloves in the colder temps, the plain wide band is more comfortable under the dress leather gloves. hubby has never said anything but if your hubby has a preference just do it to make him happy.
  3. I just used to wear my wedding band..plain gold ring.
  4. It's funny, i was just thinking about posting the same question. Since i got married i've also found that i really like the look of just my wedding band by itself (it has diamonds going halfway around the band). I feel kinda guilty though since i love my e-ring and know my husband would be really hurt if i didn't wear it since he spent so much time picking it out and not to mention how blasted expensive it was. When i do wear my band alone, i wear my e-ring on my right hand...but change it before i see him...hehe
  5. I'm not married yet, but I've been thinking about rings since my BF and I started talking about marriage. I see a lot of women who wear simple bands and I think it is really elegant. You are right that the cost of rings is high (I've been surprised at just how expensive), and I've been thinking of forgoing the e-ring altogether and just wearing a diamond eternity band, and then a second for the wedding band. Anyhow, its nice that you have the choice.
  6. I forgot to add, I've seen many celebrities who wear only their wedding bands sometimes. Among them are Jennifer Garner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Winslet, Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, and Jessica Simpson (granted, she's not married anymore).
  7. That really makes a lot of sense. I'm still a traditionalist when it comes to rings and would probably prefer an E-ring, but it just seems to make more sense to have the eternity band and then a simpler wedding band. I would get a half-circle just in case I needed to resize it for any reason, though.
  8. I seriously considered this as well before we got engaged, and although I love my engagement ring, if I had it to do over again, I might do it this way. Don't tell my husband though. ;)
  9. Your wedding band is lovely, fine to wear on it's own
  10. i sometimes don't wear my e-ring either bc it can be too flashy, depending on where i go. instead, i stack my wedding band and an anniversary band: diamond baguette eternity band and cartier diamond love ring. i just love the simplicity and meaning of the 2 rings together.
  11. I like to change it up. :p Sometimes I wear a plain, skinny, platinum band and sometimes I wear a skinny, diamond, half eternity band. Usually, I wear these with my "engagement ring."

    The truth is, as my dh pointed out recently, neither is my "real" wedding band which is a plain, yellow gold, 4 mm band. Then again, my engagement ring isn't my "real" engagement ring either.

    As far as just wearing the band alone, in the Summer when it's hot, or when I'm pretending to be laid back I do like to just wear the gold band.

  12. My e-ring is what many would call FH gave me a wedding band (technically) for my e-ring. It's got 5 chanel set princess cut stones and it looks like a typical wedding band, but it's my e-ring. I LOVE it!!!! We talked about rings before he popped the question and I told him I wanted something different. Now don't get me wrong I love solitart style e-rings, but for me and my FH we both wanted something different, mostly because we are not the norm. For my wedding band I got a eternity band that has princess cut stones set the same way as my e-ring, I also got a plain band so I could mix things up from time to time. :graucho:

    I get more compliments on my e-ring than my girlfriend that has a huge honking solitare. :p

    To answer the original at first glance it looks like I'm already married and just wearing my wedding band. But I plan on wearing several different looks with my rings when I finally tie the knot.
  13. ^ Thanks for sharing your story. Do you have a photo?
  14. Because you have the benefit of looking back in retrospect, if you don't mind me asking, what would make you do it differently? Was it the cost of the ring, that you don't wear the e-ring that much, that you just like the eternity band more... Thanks!
  15. Well, we certainly could have saved a LOT of money if I had just chosen two bands (one engagement and one wedding) instead of a big e-ring and a wedding band. But it's not the money for me, so much as the fact that I just think I would wear another band a lot more than I wear my current big e-ring. It would have been more practical for daily wear, and more simple, which is really more my style than a big flashy ring.

    There was actually a point where I told my now husband that I wanted a band for engagement instead of a traditional ring, and he was actually in talks with a jeweler to have one made before we went on vacation and found what ended up being my engagement ring. The band was going to be an eternity band of princess-cut diamonds alternating with square-cut emeralds (emerald is my birthstone, and is the stone I currently have as the center stone in my e-ring.)

    Then we went on a trip together, went shopping just for the heck of it to look at some styles of rings, and I found my current ring, which has one BIG emerald as the center stone flanked by two diamonds, and I just completely fell in love with it. So he ended up getting that one. It was kind of an impulse purchase, honestly.

    I don't wish for a different ring now - I love mine - it's a stunning ring and has a lot of memories attached to it. But, if I could go back and do it again, yes I think I might go the two-band way, just because I really think that I would wear another band more in everyday life than I wear this ring now.

    Sorry for the LONG reply, but hopefully that answers your question! LOL!