Any Market Tote owners?

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  1. Do you love it? Is it comfy on your shoulder? I think I'm falling in love with this bag...:girlsigh:
  2. Hi! I have the market tote in Dusty and think its a beautiful bag. I haven't used it yet, though, just because the occasion hasn't called for it. Its not as easy to carry around as the MAM and MAB, but its still a comfy bag to hold.
  3. Hmm. I wish I could try it on. I love the look of this bag, but I've got to be able to carry a bag on my shoulder.
  4. I had one in Tangerine but returned it--the leather was stiff and it wouldn't sit comfortably on my shoulder. I think the other leathers might be better because they are softer. Clutch Seattle has a few colors and a 20% code and they are $25 cheaper than Luna Boston though, if you are going to buy.
  5. Thanks-- I suppose I could return it if it didn't work. Why couldn't the strap be a little longer!:sad:
  6. Its not a problem with handle length at all - the straps go on fine over the shoulder, just sometimes once of them slips off and you have to cross the straps over one another until they stay.
  7. I think the tangerine is worse maybe because of the glaze, it slips off and there is no traction to it to make it stay...the tang. was also pretty heavy-I think night or dusty would be better.
  8. yeah, there was something awkward about the tangerine. Plus, the bag was really squeaky. The dusty is still weighty, but it does stay on the shoulder a lot better. The night was the same as the dusty, so I think it would be best to stay away form the glazed leathers for this style.
  9. I wonder is Hazlenut glazed?
  10. According to the Luna Boston website, hazelnut is glazed.
  11. Jenny, hautechick posted great pics of her hazelnut MAB on sale on ebay. Maybe you could search the completed listings for it, to get a better idea of the leather on the hazelnut? JMO it looks glazed, thus giving off that "orangey" look in pictures with flashes. KWIM?
  12. Any modelling pics? I love the look of this bag but want to see it IRL on one of you ladies!
  13. Thanks for the reviews. I guess this is one bag to scratch off of my list. Although I really do love the look of the bag, not going on the shoulder COMFORTABLY is a dealbreaker for me. Especially since it's a tote style, I wouldn't want it slipping off all the time and it's probably heavy. I think the steady would be more comfortable for me with the added long strap.
  14. Can anyone tell me if the "NIGHT" is a glazed leather? Thank you!
  15. They say night is soft like the Dusty. My problem is I really want the hazlenut-- the tote is so adorable in this color!