any marathoners here?

  1. just curious.

    i'm thinking of running the chicago marathon on october 12th and am figuring out a running schedule. anybody else do one or want to?
  2. I've not run any marathons, but want to! I've been wanting to start running for ages, but just haven't. I do work out, light weights, rollerblade/bike ride/ walk uphill on the treadmill. I just bought running shoes and I'm determined to start by alternating walking with running, walking, running....etc. until I am running a lot. I'll be starting this at my gym on the treadmill.

    I do know people that run marathons. I asked a friend of mine what kind of running shoes she likes and she told me to go to a runner's store that will fit you with a running shoe. They will check your foot and see if you pronate. Then they can recommend the correct shoe for you. I did not do this but instead just bought some very comfortable running shoes since I am just starting out. I figure that when I'm running a bit more I will go to the runner's store and splurge on the more expensive shoes.

    Good luck with getting started! I'm excited.:smile:
  3. I am currently training for my first marathon which I plan to run in August or September. I have been a long distance runner for years but have never attempted a marathon!

    I got my training schedule from

    which has lots of other tips and advice too. I advise getting really good shoes and not going too hard too fast or you will do yourself an injury.

    The training is going well for me (I'm only at week 7 of the build up schedule though!) but I need help with the right foods to eat, so if anyone can help with that, it would be much appreciated!
  4. I really want to run one so if you decide to start training and want a PF training buddy, please let me know! I have always been active and used to run CC and cycle but I had a baby 5 months ago so I'm just getting back into the game. I could really use some motivation.

    Best of luck to you!!!
  5. This is the year that I want to become a runner! I thought I'd never say that, as I've had a life long aversion to cardio. But I started doing sustained cardio about 3 months ago. After getting over a few humps I actually like it now. I am fit in general. I can row on the concept 2 for 65 minutes, I can hike for 3 hours (yes, I'm including the downhill portion), I play sports, roller blade, lift weights, swim, jump rope for 20 minutes (not non-stop, but in sets of 200-300 with very short rests in between) etc...

    What I have never been good at is sustained running. I've been trying on and off to condition myself. I know I'm improving. But I think working at with a support team would help. You know, something measure against, other people to root for...

    YES! I am seriously thinking about running at least a half marathon this year and a full one next year.
  6. I ran the Marine Corp. marathon about 15 years ago. It was a wonderful experience, but I have long since hung up my Nikes. I stick to walking, ballet, stretch and Pilates now.

    Have fun and enjoy yourself. It's quite an accomplishment!
  7. We should start a thread (or use this one) supporting first time marathn runners! It seems like there are some knowledgeble runners out there who could help us out. It seems like there are at the very least 3 of us interested in running one..anybody down for it?
  8. i would LOVE to have a marathon support thread! the last time i started training for a marathon, i really hurt my knees, and since then have started looking up running advice on the web and in magazines. but i would love to have tPF support!

    (it would also be super cool to have a tPF meet at a marathon... have a tPF team... but i'm sure that's way farther down the line!)
  9. also, i would say this: if you can find a beautiful park to train in, or a beautiful neighborhood, the running gets addicting! there was a point when i couldn't imagine missing a day of running because it got me out of the office, out of my life, and into some amazing fresh air! i felt less like a robot and more like a real human being! :yes:
  10. Hi echo and bluegenes

    I think we can use this thread as the marathon support thread. Perhaps an admin can change the topic title?

    a local tPF marathon support meetup would be fun too, I'm in L.A..
  11. HI,

    I'm in for a maarthon support thread--- I plan to run a half marathon in san diego in jan 09. I just started to train for it. I recently started to run in september. I went from walking huffing and puffing a mile to running 5 miles in about 42 minutes. This all happen within 2 month period. It was hard at the beginning but now I'm addicted. I am far from running a marathon but I think a half marathon is achievable as a goal. To start i think I will run my first 5 mile run in the spring. Any tips would be great -----
  12. I like the idea of the half-marathon too! I went to the gym today after work and walked/ran/walked/ran! I may be sore tonight but I love it! I'm hoping my shoes are good. Great thread!
  13. Bubble Girl is in for the marathon support thread!!! I am struggling to find anyone in my area who's done this. I'm not in the US but would surely love to jump on and have tpf support!!!

    One thing I have already noticed is that I'm actually putting on weight, not losing it through training. I always envisioned marathon runners would lose weight, and I'm not really eating much more. But I have put on 5 pounds the last couple of weeks!! That's why I think I need help with what to eat. Can anyone give me any guidance (and reassurance!) about why this is happening? I've always been a runner, and as you say BlueGenes it is addictive and I love it!!
  14. Yay! I'm in Houston...boring, hot and humid, but at least our marathon is flat! I'm going to start training today. It was supposed to be yesterday but my daughter didn't give me a break until 2am and I'm not dedicated enough to run at 2am (yet!). Anymore good recommendations on a plan?
  15. Hmmm..any chance it's muscle weight? If not and you're eating healthy, once you increase your mileage I imagine it will go away. If you just started running and you're drinking more water and replacing your salts, it could just be water weight. Sorry, I'm definitely not an expert...just my thoughts.