any makeupartist or any one know how do they make up like that?

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  1. photoshop :tup:
  2. Arab makeup is lovely, I must admit I'm kind of obsessed with the eyeshadow smokey eye effects.


    I think they use loads of makeup though to achieve the "look".
  3. The second pic does appear to have been taken with a soft focus lens.
    I worked as a makeup artist for years, and it's similar to artwok. Blending is the key. Blend Blend Blend.
    Makeup is basically an artistic expression on a breathing canvas. It's hard to give a step by step explaination. It's kinda like you either have it or you don't kind of thing. Just experiment and practice and blend!
    There are books and videos out there that can give you a step by step guideline or just maybe google makeup "smokey eye, or exotic" application?
    Good luck and have fun.
  4. You could always schedule an appointment with a makeup counter to learn the basics. I tend to see a lot of MAC makeup artists do this look for work.
  5. Gel eyeliner - clinique, bobbi brown and mac all have it. Use a tiny brush and paint like you were painting a picture.
    Also notice in the first pic the different shades of pink on the eyes - these give depth to the colour (lighter in the middle etc.)
    For the thick lipstick there are a few things you can do - one, apply lip liner all over your lips then put lip gloss on top. Or, after applying lipgloss put powder or powder blush over it and and then gloss again.
    Hope that helps a little =)