Any Macy's Promo Codes

  1. Looking for promotional codes for Macy's if anyone knows of any. Thanks.
  2. PDAYFREE gives you free shipping until Feb. 19th on purchases of $125 or more.
  3. any other codes for Macy's? TIA! :smile:
  4. Sorry that I can't help you out as I have a Macy's in town and frequent it instead on shopping online. Now, NM, Saks, BG...I spend plenty of time online "shopping" (a whole lotta lookin') on those.
  5. Go to Macy's Star Rewards and register your email address. They will automatically send you $25 off $100 code.
  6. Thanks so much! I just used this right now! :yahoo:

    FYI - Macys' is having a "One Day Sale" today only... :yes:
  7. Thanks! I have a Macy's account, but never registered online.
  8. I just signed up for the card today,but codes wont work on coach :cursing: