Tech any mac user can help me?

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  1. I am using macbook and I just purchased a new imac. I am thinking is it possible for me to move all file to the new imac?

    and how about itune library? do i have to load all the song in again?

    and finally any software or way i can keep both file in sync between two computer?

  2. When I got my PowerBook I used a firewire cable to transfer everything from my old laptop to my new one. Does your Mac have a firewire port?
  3. Yeah, you'll need a cable to hook up from one computer to the other and it will transport everything over.
  4. You can also transfer things between your macs using the file sharing feature. You need to allow file sharing on both of the computers (in system preferences) and then mount the hard drive of one computer on the other. This is done over your wireless network. Then you can just drag and drop things from one computer to another. Sorry for the vague description -- maybe someone else can give you more specifics, but I do know it can be done without a cable.
  5. thanks all.

    will USB cable work? or do i need to get firewire??
  6. firewire is a lot faster. I'd google "migration". I think that the apple store will even do this for you.
  7. You need a firewire cable. If you want your iMac to have EXACTLY what your MacBook has, launch something called "Migration Assistant" on your iMac and follow the instructions. This will transfer all your installed programs as well as files over.
  8. You'll need a fire wire cable. When you turn on your new computer it will ask you if you want to transfer everything over from an old computer. From there follow the directions that show up on the screen. Super duper easy!!!
  9. Oh you wont believe.. i just had a big apple crisis!!

    I picked up my imac yesterday.. and while i am working out the "file sharing" function and try to modify the permission so not everyone can access my information.. i messed up the file system.. both computer got BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! this is a horrible weekend for me and I spent 2 days to re-install everything and start from zero..

    I feel so sad.. lucky it is all worked out and I do have a very recent backup copy so I am not losing any information but. i might lost some log or icq message history, sms history...

    but this is a painful process..