Any Mac nerds here?

  1. I have three loves in my life right now.

    1) Purses
    2) Music
    3) ....and Macs!

    My current computer is a white macbook laptop and I was wondering if any other forum members here are really into macs. I refuse to use any other computer and I cringe at work when I am forced to use my crappy Dell for more than 20 mins :sad:

    I love Apple products in general and have collected nearly every iPod model since 2003. I am slowing down because now my main obsession is purses/handbags!
  2. I love my white Macbook, my boyfriend bought a black one last october and loves his as well.Electronics are my weakness.
  3. I love my MacBook Pro. I hate using PCs, and pretty much any Microsoft program (i'm making a resume in Office right now, and it's killing me).
  4. I love my Macbook Pro! Today I turned on my PC because I needed a bit of information from was the first time I turned it on in 3 weeks. I can't stand being on PCs now, the wait time is ridiculous. I love my Mac. =)
  5. yeah I am a real electronics geek too....not just for computers, but for new phones, cameras, tv's, anything!!!

    I surf gizmodo and engadget all the time!
  6. I'm a HUGE mac nerd. I have had like half the iPods (can't stand it when my iPod it out of date) and I'm typing this on my MacBook PRO! I want an iPhone but i want to wait til the 2nd gen. I still have my first gen ipod. Its prob worth like 50$ or like 50cents.
  7. Have you tried iworks? There is a free trial download... gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I am going for a 1 - 1 on it next week - and want to start using it as my default.
  8. I also saw the mac air today for the first time. The touch pad is really cool.
  9. black macbook and iphone here
  10. yep, huge mac and electronics nerd here. i have a g4 powerbook...super old by electronics standards lol. also have an ipod shuffle, ipod nano (older black one), ipod photo 30gb, and a 16gb ipod touch. now i'm looking at a macpro unless apple comes out with a mid-range desktop (that's not the imac).
  11. I think I sold my soul to the devil and his name is Steve Jobs when I bought my macbook. (that means I love love love it! ;) )
  12. Mac Lover here! I have 2 Ipods, an I mac, a mac book pro, mac power book, and a mac i book. Hubby has 2 ipods and a power book.
  13. The Macbook Air is dead sexy but I am going to have to resist on that one.

    Apple products are just so well made and they look amazing - I imagine every fashionista and/or handbag lover would lust over Apple products.

    They make great collector products and have excellent re-sell value in comparison to PC's, so I'm sure your first gen iPod is highly coveted still!

    I'm always visiting the Apple store to browse and I watch to every Steve Jobs keynote streaming from my laptop.

    I am SUCH A NERD :smile:
  14. i've got a white macbook and an ipod nano. i'm a huge apple fan!!!!
  15. Big Mac fan here!!!! 2 ipods (60 GB video and Touch) and a Macbook!!! Despise Windows now!