Any LV lover living in singapore? Will be going there this spring :)


cruisin’ thru life :)
Mar 4, 2006
actually 'spring' actually means the start of summer of manila (march).. but just so you guys don't get confused.. heehee :P

Anyhow, I had heard that LV is cheapest in singapore (among asian countries) since there is tax refund for tourists. Is this true? if so how many percent?

And if there is a kind-hearted singaporean who is always out shopping at LV, do u have any idea how much an mc eliza is? ;)

thank you so much! Im so excited!!!
hey, i dont live in singapore but i visit singapore a lot.

i think its true that singapore is the cheapest among other asian countries, and there is a 5% tax refund (currently). however, it's not a full 5% as there is an admin fee. just like in any other countries (eg. australia for example)

and mc eliza is around SGD$1505, hope this helps

just convert that yourself to whatever currency you want. :smile:
subtract 5% now, it might be 7% off next year. :P Definitely MUCH cheaper. My Japanese friends usually buy at least 2 bags before they head back. All I ever hear them say is "Yasui~!!!" when they step into the btq. :P
yeah subtract 5% off the retail price at the boutique.

to get a refund, you must be leaving singapore via changi airport. and you will need to tell the boutique where you bought the item that you will be claiming the GST back because you will get a special form from them.

that form is used to claim your GST back along with the receipt.

after the immigration, there is a counter for GST refund inside the airport. if you can't find the counter, find an information desk and ask for "GST Refund Counter". they will tell you how to get there.

remember that you need to bring the item you are claiming the GST with you inside the cabin, because they need to see it. otherwise, your claim will be denied.

not sure about hongkong being cheaper than the US, but singapore is definitely cheaper.