Any Luxe Ligne sightings at Neiman Marcus?

  1. Has anyone seen any black metallic Luxe bags at NM?
  2. I can't remember now if they were metallic. . . I saw some Luxe at mine, it's worth a call.
    I'm on a cruise and don't have my SA's # handy. . . . It's NM at the Shops of Willowbend in Plano/Dallas, TX, ask for Shannon in hadnbags.
  3. Thanks Swanky, you are the best! Hope u are having a fabulous time!
  4. I saw the black metallic Luxe Flap bag at NM in King of Prussia, PA about 2 weeks ago. I also saw the Bronze Bowler.
  5. NM is all sold out of the black metallic goatskin bowler. Anything that comes in will be a return because they did not order it for fall.

    Selected Saks locations are your best bet right now.
  6. Are you looking for the bowler or the flap?
  7. I prefer the bowler but I am open at this point...
  8. Try KOP NM. Ask for Michelle.
  9. Thanks to everyone for their feedback!
  10. today, my NM had the metallic black flap and the med bowler in coral.