Any Lucky Magazine readers on the board? Need help finding a bag...r/o

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  1. I was flipping through a past issue my friend had a couple months ago and saw a bag that I really liked. I know it was in the Lucky Breaks section (for but when I checked the site, the bag wasn't there) and on a page detailing leaf design trends. Trying to remember the designer. I think the name begins with C. Any help is appreciated. I think it may have either been the issue w/Keri Russell or Leighton Meester on the cover. Not sure which. Thanks!!

  2. I think that I have at least a year of previous issues and will check it for you tomorrow. Sorry...I would tonight, but I'm hitting the bed right now!
  3. I actually just got an answer on another board. The bag is by Cettu. It was available at Kitson but isn't anymore. I checked out the Cettu site and retailers in the US are very limited. Don't really have a way of getting this bag now! I really liked it too! Darn :/ This is the bag, but it was featured in a different color: