any luck with Nordies Rack in San Francisco, Colma, or San Jose?

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  1. i live in san francisco and the closest Nordstrom rack is in SF, colma, san jose, and also san leandro. but ive never actualy been to any of them, just wondering if anyone has had any luck finding MJ at these Nordies rack? please share your past experiences :yes:.
    i usually just go straight to Nordstrom on market street since they usually have a good amount of MJs during their sale seasons..

    but im so broke right now, (ever since i joined tpf :graucho: hahaha) so im considering maybe going on a MJ hunt at Nordstrom rack since theyre prices are waaaaaay cheaper.

    haha considering that im broke, i shouldnt even be on a MJ hunt :p, but if anyone has been to these NR, do please share

    thanks :flowers:
  2. I was there a week ago and they only had those giant leather totes with the name "Marc Jacobs" on the front spelled out in studs (I ALWAYS forget the name, sorry!) But meowwy posted in another thread that they have some great couture off-the-rack on sale now if you are interested in that!
  3. The NR in SF (soma) has had some good finds, although it's really hit or miss. Last year around June, for example, they had a bunch of small MPs ($349, in blue jean and berry), and a few black venetias.. maybe a berry blake? Sometimes the pickings are slimmer, you really just have to keep going to these places, or make friends with someone who works there and find out when they get their shipments.
    Haven't been to the Colma NR much but the one time I went they had a ton of the totes HitchcockBlonde mentioned above.
  4. thanks hitchcockblonde and girliceclimber!

    but i really should stop buying, or at least till my next paycheck :graucho:

    but now i know that theres at least a chance of finding something! thank youuu :flowers::flowers: