Any luck stretching Frye Campus?

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  1. The other day I ordered a pair of Campus's on Zappos. Like almost every review I read, I ordered a size down from my boot size. After receiving the boots, I was extremely disappointed to not only find out that the size was a tad too small in the foot, but I could barely get my calves into the these bad boys. I made a wonderful phone call to customer service to have them exchanged for a half size larger, and just received them today. My initial trial was that they were still tight on my right leg and moderately tight on my left. While the foot portion seemed just right if only a little loose in the heel.

    I've been lounging around in them for the past couple hours and found they stretched a bit. I dug out a couple pairs of incredibly old knitted knee-highs that were hiding in my bedroom drawer and have since piled both pair on and slipped on the boots. I'm hoping to try to work this method in with a pair of jeans. However, I would really love these things to look a tad slouchy even at the calf.

    Has anyone had any luck with a cobbler stretching this particular boot?
  2. the shaft can easily be stretched by a cobbler by several cm's if needed.
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    ^^^ not my cobbler, anyway!!!!

    My cobbler cited the very thick leather of the Frye Campus shaft. As soon as I brought them out, he seemed familiar with that style of boot, saying that he would "try" but that he didn't think he could get them too much bigger around.

    I have to admit after they were stretched I could at least get them on and pulled all the way up. But they are a bit slouchy around the ankle and I usually have boot "muffin top" :P

    Still love em though. I love the leather and the foot fits me well. I usually get compliments every time I wear them. I just have to wear them under jeans, that's all.....
  4. In Australia you can buy leather stretching spray for shoes at the cobbler. Maybe ask your guy if he has any? You spray the liquid on the leather and gentley push the leather out. it applies to the toe width of the shoe but it could work for the calf area if applied on a larger scale.