Any luck in the Miliptas Loehmann?

  1. I just wonder if anyone here score any Toki bags from there? It is only 15 mins away from my home, and the last time I went (last week), I didn't see any Toki bag.:tdown:
  2. Back in May, when the Foresta Treninos hit, I saw some there and at the Sunnyvale store. But i don't know about now.. Bubblesung or Juliecrystal may know.. they live near there! =)
  3. I went to that Loehmann's on Wednesday and they just had some regular LeSportsac bags. No Tokidoki.
  4. :sad:I hope they will have some Toki in stock soon.
  5. the sunnyvale the other day had metallic qees. they were around $12. i dunno if anyone is looking for them. but just fyi. no bags tho.