Any luck finding Indigo Vernis?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Have any of you had any luck finding ANYTHING in Indigo Vernis? I really want to get a Houston Indigo, but would settle for whatever they have left. Have any of you seen any in-store, or heard anything? Thanks for whatever info you have!!
  2. I saw an agenda in my store today lol..but that was it. I was also surprised..I haven't seen that color in QUITE some time. I was holding it under the different lights..I love how it looks dark blue in some and purple in others. :heart:
  3. ^^ Oh yea? What size agenda was it? I would love to see that color in person!!
  4. I honestly don't know. I'm guessing maybe small? It had to have been because my Suhali one is a medium and the Indigo one I saw was definitely smaller. It was definitely gorgeous though!
  5. The Valley Fair store also has one small indigo agenda left and I know that there are 3 small indigo agendas left in Vegas when I called 866 vuitton yesterday. I don't know about the houston, I didn't ask. I just asked about the agenda b/c I was considering exchanging my framboise for the indigo. Just try to call 866 vuitton to ask about the houston, good luck!!
  6. I woul call 866, thatis almost always your best bet. Good luck!