Any Lovin My Bags codes out there??

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  1. I need a code please if someone has one.
  2. PF works for 10% off products, not sure if it's applicable for services. HTH
  3. Yeah!!! I just used my PF code and it worked today. Yup, it's 10% off. Thanks for the tip
  4. so the code is "PF"?
  5. #5 Mar 22, 2009
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2009
    Tried this code today and it won't work any more (PF) -- any new ones out there? :biggrin: Thanks in advance!
  6. Try emailing Barbara. I know she still has a pf discount and she usually responds pretty quickly. I'm sure she will be happy to send the new code to you.
  7. Hi all, emailed Barbara and PF still works -- PF in allcaps :smile: