Any lovely ladies know anything about the Large Sophie Satchel?

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  1. I found this bag on the MK website, and I think I am in LOVE!! I am hoping they have another color other than the Navy that is listed. There are also no dimensions on the website
  2. Nice, kinda looks similar to Selma. Looks pretty wide at the bottom. But omg gotta wait till 3/21!

  3. I know!!! That is a LONG time!!! :sad:
  4. I just stumbled across this yesterday on the MK site and I love it too! I'm hoping that they have more colors as well as colors with gold hardware, as I tend to prefer that. The leather looks beautiful when you zoom in on it.
  5. I saw it too on their website. I'm actually hoping it comes out in a medium size. It looks like a beautiful bag.
  6. Really want this. Its perfect to carry my macbook, something most of my MK's cannot do. I think navy is gorgeous... Going to pick this up when it releases in stores
  7. Has anyone seen this bag in person yet? I'm intrigued by it- looks gorgeous!
  8. I saw it in their new catalog. It's beautiful!
  9. It's available on pre-order at Bloomingdales. The measurements are 16" x 7" x 10" with a 5" handle drop and a 19.5" strap drop.