Any Love for the Nicola Flats?

  1. Opinions? What would you wear with them?
  2. Absolutely! I have a similar styled shoe-- cute with skinny pants, and skirts in summer/spring
  3. I do not know what to wear them with, but I pre-ordered these in Turquoise. I think they are adorable. I may just get them in black as well.
  4. They'd go good with capri pants or shorts.. I don't like flats generally but I love the Nicola flats..
  5. black skinny jeans , some cool tee or flowy top.
  6. They're so cute! I have a white skirt that i think would look great with them!
  7. I want them in turq. and black. I normally don't like flats, but these are adorable!
  8. i love flats (i have finally embraced my short stature and no longer need to always wear 3" heels all the time)...i think i might be getting the turquoise during PCE...oh the desicions!
  9. Hmm. I would wear a long tunic and cropped jeans and pair it up with one accessory that matches the flats.
  10. not a fan for myself, but i think they're cute on other people- but i love the noel ones i got!
  11. :cry: I wanted to love them... I really, really wanted to love them... Then I went to try them on in person.

    Alas... no Nicola flats for me... they looked kinda "funny" on my feet, and I felt short, dumpy, and just overall not so great in them... My toes didn't even peep, out of the "peep toe" area. Trust me, it was a sad day when I didn't really like them... :crybaby: But, I am thinking of trying the next 1/2 size down on in the future, when I have worn flip flops for a while to get used to flats again, and try to see if they are any better...

    I do think they would look adorable on alot of people!! Just not me... :sad:
  12. the Nicola flats are cute..but are not for me
    I bought the Noel flats (same ones just closed toe) b/c i just really dont like my toes!!
  13. that was exactly the problem i had.

    in order for my toes to "peep", they had to be a 1/2 size smaller, which was terribly uncomfortable. if i got them in my size, they just looked stupid, lol.