Any love for the MILLIE?

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  1. An older style but one is currently on the way to me. :biggrin:

    I can't find any threads on this bag, anyone have one?
  2. I like the Millie even more than the Brenda because it's more spacious....I wonder if the strap is long enough to be worn crossbody?
  3. <<< raises hand>>> I LOVE my millie! [​IMG]
  4. chellie24, that is stunning!

    I am waiting on the plain black leather one (no studs). I think yours has the pony hair?

  5. Thanks!

    Nice! I couldn't find the plain black one and I fell in love with the silver studs, so yes I purchased the pony hair one. It's such a fun purse :smile:
  6. It looks so pretty!
  7. :heart:

    Love it!!
  8. I love the Millie! if only I could have all of them (recently got Rocco, Angela and Marion in the past month!). I love how the Millie has form and shape, and more of a corporate-suited bag (space for say an ipad), and in the haircalf it looks amazing! I would have to say its' my favourite out of all of the haircalf styles, perfect balance in signature bubbly Alexander Wang leather and haircalf on the front. *drool*
  9. That is EXACTLY why I bought one - the ability for it to look business chic and with upright room for my iPad :smile:
  10. I had the black calf hair Millie, and loved the look of it but had an issue with quality. The 4th time I carried it as I was walking into work the strap broke and it fell to the floor in the middle of our lobby. The strap literally just ripped away from the bag...not what I would expect from an $800 bag! Luckily I had purchased it at Nordstrom and was able to return it without any problems, but unfortunately it has kind of turned me off of the AWang bags. :sad:
  11. ^^^ Aw jayne, that sucks! :sad:
  12. Yeah, it sucked! Thank goodness there was only one person in our lobby when it happened, especially b/c all those studs hitting a tile floor makes a pretty loud sound! Afterwards I just pictured how embarassing it would have been to have my strap snap and the bag crash to the floor in the middle of a crowded mall, airport, a nice restaurant, I didn't even think twice about returning it for a refund instead of exchanging it for another Millie!
  13. Well, I bought the Millie without the studs and strap so I hope nothing falls apart!
  14. It really is a great bag design, and I'm sure you'll love it! Who knows, maybe I just got a defective one. But definitely without the weight of the studs and without the strap you won't have the same issue I did. Would love to see pics when you get it...maybe it will convince me to try again with a non-stud version. :smile:
  15. I will try to get pics up in the next few days :smile: