any Louis Vuitton Manosque GM owners here?

  1. hi ladies!
    Well, after a 4 year break, i am headed back to college in january:smile: Being that i will probably be going from class to work, i need a cute school bag! No silly old backpack will do for me. All that being said, i was thinking of getting the Manosque GM bag for school/work. The reason that i love this bag, at least pictures of it, is that i love the front pockets! Also, fake mono's are everywhere here, but very few damier, another reason i like it!

    so, two quick questions-Is the bag too akward? Is it too small to fit my stuff in? i figure a binder, a book, and yes, snacks. I will probably put my smaller everyday kate spade inside it. Will it work?

    Thanks so much ladies
  2. It's quite large, and also lovely. It does not close with a zipper etc. It's pretty open on top.
    Keep this in mind, if this bothers you or not.
    The Uzes is another beautiful tote! It also opens up (by pulling on the side tabs) to make it even more roomy.
    Good luck. I think the Damier totes are great options! :biggrin:
  3. Forgot to add...when I was looking, Taco and LVixen have the Manosque GM and love it. They were very helpful to me! I'm sure they'll respond to give better info for you!:yes:
  4. thank you so much for the info! you were a great help
    I was pondering wether is being open or not was a bad thing for school. I'm drawn to open totes, i like to be able to just plop things in:smile:
  5. The Uzes is open too, but deeper, so slightly safer, I would think.
  6. I have the manosque PM, I know you're looking for the large size tote, but they are essentially the same in design I believe. Mine has a clasp across the top that holds the tote somewhat closed I guess, but it does work to keep things snug. I just use organizers with this one, and don't keep loose items in it. I could swing it around all day without stuff falling out. Get it! The terracotta lining is so gorgeous.
  7. I love it, but I think the Uzes is a better school tote. The Monosque gets smaller at the bottom & notebooks seem to tilt & get squished on the edges. The bag is quite stiff & very wide at the top & it is akward in crowded places. The Uzes tucks under your arm better & it is a better shape for school stuff IMO. The pockets are cute on the Uzes as well, but they are a pain to get into on both bags. I hope that helps, both are really great looking bags.
  8. How about a chelsea tote in damier??? I have the manosque pm and i love it. For school however the GM is great but you might be worried if stuff were to fall out as it has an open top. It's great you're going back to school...and it's better to do it in style...LoL.
  9. Wow! Good points, I was just about to post I :heart: mine....but you're right the shape of it, which I love because it is so different from most totes, might not be good for school.
  10. I love the shape but it's so open on top. I wish they made a model like that with a zipper.
  11. I love the GM and the petite pouch inside!!:tender:
  12. I have this bag and although I LOVE large handbags, this one is too big for me. I would love it if I had small children or if I was in school but for right now its just very uncomfortable for me. Its very stiff and extremly large. LV made a smaller version. If I find anyone on here who owns the AUTHENTIC smaller version- same style just a wee bit smaller, I will trade them. I just get no use out of this $1500+ handbag and I would love it if it were just a bit smaller...HELP.
  13. ok nevermind...I just called LV to see if they could show me a PM handbag online and they explained to me that their are only eight left in LV! They have discontinued these bags so the price has increased drastically. The GM that I paid over $1500 is now worth $2030 retail!!! I am sooo excited, I am going to start using that purse at least once a week...
    Wooo Hoo!!:yahoo: