any louis vuitton horror stories?


Nov 22, 2006
Hi! I left my Damier Koala wallet sitting on my ironing board not realising that a water bottle was leaking..... so my wallet was soaking wet from the outside bottom of the wallet to the inside. The outside dried fine, but you can see a water mark on the inside of the wallet but it's faint... most people wouldn't notice it but I can still see it! Nothing to exciting....


Aug 31, 2006

My marly pochette's strap broke off. Sent it off to repairs only to find out 3 weeks later it was "defected" (that was embarrassing, but the SA was so nice to me).

Mailman delivered a present (LV wallet) to the wrong house (this was 2 months ago). I knew about this because when I checked its status, the bag said it was delivered (approximately the same time the mailman delivered my mail). Someone was kind enough to return it to the post office, so I got my package a day late.

The latest was when the seller switched the last 2 digits of the mailing address! I checked the status of my package and it said that the package was undeliverable! I was freaking out as this was an international package; however, I guess the mailwoman who received the package from the express deliveryman was familiar with the address, and I received the bag 4 hours later!

Okay...maybe the last 2 had happy endings, but still! It was stressful...


Nov 1, 2006
I had a collegue who took her Speedy out partying and it somehow got burned through with a cigarette. Now it has a hole in the side. (Unfortunately collegue does not have much memory of the evening)...Poor speedy
Aug 4, 2006
heres one that i mad up a few weeks ago when someone wanted a mini MC pochette:
once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted a mini mc pochette. they didnt exist, but she was smarter than that! she bought a bucket franges bag, and took the mini pochette and cut all of the fringes off!! dundundun!