Any Louboutins on sale?

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  1. I was just wondering if Louboutins ever go on sale, and if anyone had seen any on sale lately. If so, what style were they, and where did you see them?
  2. Louboutins go on sale in NM, Saks, etc when the other premier designers go on sale next month.. I haven't asked around recently though, so I don't know the particular styles that are going to be on sale. They also go on sale at the Louboutin boutiques. Sorry I couldn't give you more specific info :shame:
  3. Thanks! This at least gives me some hope that I can find some on sale. I'm new to CL's, and I've only got two pairs, but I'd like more!
  4. NM's has a few styles on Pre-Sale right now.
  5. I see the platform espadrilles go on sale quite often on NM and Saks website. You just have to keep checking back or better yet, go to a store.
  6. Anybody knows the ACTUAL retail price of the patent very prive? seems like ebay is the only place 2 get it now...
  7. $690
  8. Net a porter is having a sale on selected Louboutins, plus free shipping and no tax.
  9. Thanks! I'm going to check it out.

    By the way, is a code needed for the free shipping?
  10. Code is HOLIDAY :smile:
  11. NM has very few, but some, CL on sale right now.