Any Lost fans out there?

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  1. Since Lost will be on in a few minutes, just wondering if there are any fans out there? I feel like I'm the only person who has been disappointed in the second season so far. And, I've noticed that there are way more commercial breaks than there were last year! What are everyone's thoughts?

    Also, not Lost-related, but I really love Arrested Development, and I am so disappointed in how Fox is refusing to cancel it so that Showtime or ABC can pick it up (if they even do that at this point). :evil:
  2. OH NO! Please don't tell me the second season is disappointing!!! :sad:

    Last night, they started playing a sneak preview of it - so give or take it should start back up in New Zealand within the next 2 months.... AND i'm REALLY excitied, I just wanna know if they get off the island!!! :biggrin:

    Totally a LOST fan! Its just addictive, just like this forum! :biggrin:
  3. I'm a big Lost fan. The bf and I watch it every Wednesday. I really liked last week's episode. Tonight's was all right. I do have to admit that I was into last season a lot more than this season, but I'm hoping that these new episodes will reveal a lot more about the people who took Walt, where they came from, etc. It's still a great show.
  4. i love lost! i'm not that disappointed but i think last season was better. last season was just like nothing getting solved and now things are coming out of the woodwork...who was that guy (and those other people) on tonight's episode?!
  5. I bought the first season but didnt get through one episode, for some reason I couldnt get into it.
  6. I'm a real fan. It's one of the few shows that's really fascinating. I started watching the second season three weeks ago and yesterday I saw a good episode (former two weren't that good).
    But I think the US is a bit ahead of us, you're already at episode 9 or 10 of the 2nd season?
  7. i love lost, watch every week. but this season is getting a little crazy. what was with the creepy black cloud thing last week?
  8. I Love Lost!!
  9. I love Lost too. I was pissed at how retarded the 'monster' was (it looked like an octopus fart or something) but last night's episode was great, IMO.
  10. HUGE LOST FAN! I liked last week's episode b/c Mr. Eko is one cool cat! I really wasn't that impressed w/ this last episode b/c that old scruffy guy is kind of annoying to me. I do want to know why they're on the island though and where the #&@* Walt is! I like the 2nd season but have to admit the 1st season was a bit more tantalizing.

    There are more commerical breaks. Thank God for TiVo!
  11. Spoiler alert....if you haven't watched, don't read.....

    Someone pointed out at work today that one of people who grabbed Kate was "Alex" (or, was called that), so he might be Rousseau's kid.

    Did anyone else catch that?
  12. yeah i saw that. pinkisthenewblog had a post about that today. the post also said that the band on the record would become important or at least that's what he thinks. oh and he thinks whoever jack's wife left him for will be related to the island
  13. :blink:

    yeah, like it might be Sawyer.
  14. i don't know. i watched season one but somehow it bores my. i mean, 20 episodes or so and what doe we really know? the names of the people there and that apparently polar bears live on topical islands. 20 hours for that? i could have filmed the entire season in 2 hrs.
  15. I couldn't get into Lost either, I typically go for more intellectual television shows, like "The Bachelor" LOL!!