any Loro Piana fans out there???

  1. I've seen the Loro Piana bags in Neimans for a couple of years now, and I've usually passed them by, but lately I've been thinking I might pick up one of the "Globe" bags this fall. Anybody out there own one or have any thoughts on this line? (These pics are from the NM web site.)

  2. owner of one GORGEOUS chocolate brown mini Globe...adore it. now ready for another handbag but debating between another LP or maybe an Hermes. promised myself i would never pay retail for Hermes but wavering....STOP Me!:sos:
  3. Somehow, I feel it is too triangular for me.
  4. The bag unsnaps and opens up as a tote. It is a very conservative, expensive bag. A little too boring for me. But my friends with big bank accounts love it.
  5. i like the first!
  6. i lug mine everywhere from shopping to dinner at swanky spots. the snaps to convert from bag to tote are genius. wonder why there isn't more interest in LP on the forum...
  7. Hey NewbieH, Loro Piana is a very expensive and exclusive brand. It is a little too subtle for many of the younger members, and for members who want more slouchy look bags. Lora Piana is conservative, and perhaps is considered to be for "older" women. I love it -- it is a true "stealth wealth" handbag that commands respect. You buy it once, it never goes out of style, and it is a major POWER bag. If I could afford it, I would buy one to have and to hold from this day forth. Are there ever any sales? Do tell. There is a Loro Piana outlet in Woodbury Common, where the bags are reduced from 1895-ish to about 1495-ish. Also, I hear their cashmere shawl/scarves are quite divine, good for travel too. What color Loro Piana do you have?
  8. This is a brand that I have always been attracted to, but never sure they were worth the £££. I love the bag that caught your eye though and would really like to hear others' experiences of this House so thanks for asking!
  9. TropicalGal,

    I have a chocolate brown mini Globe bag that i got at the LP store in New York. I had asked at other Loro Piana stores in cities around the US if they had this color in the size i wanted and only 3 (!!) had it. Apparently, because it is a color that is always n demand, they never put it on sale, they sometimes do on the other colors from past seasons. I was thinking along the same lines you were and was contemplating a visit to Woodbury Commons to buy one there this weekend. Glad i called to check if they had any...BECAUSE THEY NO LONGER SELL THE BAGS AT THE OUTLET!:hysteric: apparently, head office did not want to sell the bags at a discount and shipped all back to italy. evil people, they will be hunted down and stripped of their inventory for us in this forum!!! love their shawls but only have a cashmere scarf and it is great for travel. very soft and really light!!
  10. Newbie H, What size is the cashmere scarf? Is it the size of an Hermes scarf, for instance? Price? I was at the Woodbury Commons in February and they had about 20 Globe bags then...darn! You called them since then? I plan to go back in May and I'll let you know what I find.
    I've bought some nice Tod's bags at Woodbury, some nice Ghurkha too.
  11. yup, just called them 2 days ago and the bags were shipped out last week. :crybaby: as for the scarf, its not like the hermes, which is square (mine is anyway, don't know what other styles there are in Hermes). mine is regular winter scarf but have heard that they have really gorgeous floral shawls. let me know if you find out more, haven't committed myself to any one scarf (yet...;) )
  12. I have seen their bags and really like them. They are similar to Tod's in the sense of understated, classic styles without a lot of hardware and logos.

    The price is a bit steep for me, but maybe if I stop buying all other bags and save up for one....:P
  13. I have a Loro Piana handbag and love it. It has been thrown around for a couple of years and just looks better as a result. The leather is lovely, and workmanship very nice. I find the quality better than most designer bags. I also think that their designs are improving and finding an identity. As they wear so well, I feel one really has to have one to see why they are so wonderful.
  14. I love LP Bags, and dream of owning one. I have been looking for the perfect 'go to' black bag for way too long, and the Globe was something I considered. I didn't care for the white contrast stitching as I felt it made the bag more casual/less versatile, so it didn't make the cut.

    For a timeless, stealth wealth, casual chic bag, it's a great one. I love that cognac/medium brown one you posted.
  15. LP bags are just amazing. The quality and feel of the inside of the bag is divine. I would have to say that of Birkin quality. At least the globes with the leather interior.
    Its a major investment like that of a Birkin. However it will last forever and ever.