Any London gals can recommend a good eyebrow threader and bikini waxer?

  1. I can't find anyone here in Brighton that threads eyebrows, so I want to go to london to get it done and I figured I might try out a bikini wax too while im there! So any of you can recommend a decent place? :smile:
    Thanks xx
  2. If you're up in London, go to Harvey Nicks or Selfridges to get yr brows down.. I only trust them!
  3. I usually get my eyebrows threaded at Blink - the one in Fenwick on bond street because its usually less crowded but you can also get it done at Selfridges or Harvey Nicks. Its great because you dont have to make an appt you can usually just pop in. Or recently I got my eyebrows done at Marcelas its a small beauty salon in Kensington - you can also wax there. They do a great mani-pedi too.
  4. Do any of you girls fancy gettin your eyebrwos done? Lol, I dont wanna go on my own!!