Any Loewe Fans? Wanna talk about Loewe 160th Anniversary

  1. The suede beauty case catches my eyes..:love:.I m thinking whether it should get a suede one or leather one... please give me some advice:sos:
    26350 Beige No Label.jpg 26350M Red.jpg 26350 Leather.JPG
  2. I love the bag you posted but in the turquoise suede.
    The leather isn't as nice.
  3. I am a huge fan of Loewe but not a fan of Loewe 160th Anniversary. Too many logos and sorry to offend but the logos are ugly. I prefer Amazonia range.
  4. Not at all. This is a forum, it is an open sharing. :supacool:
  5. I think the anniversary is cute; lots of badges to accessorise right?
  6. yeah... each logo represents different stage of Loewe.
  7. Some people said suede is not as expensive as leather. Reading Loewe website, they specialize in suede bags.
  8. I think its cute and youthful! And u can use the badges for other purposes! But suede is hard to maintain and easy to ruin. So venture with care... unless u wanna display at home as an art piece which can be quite funky lol
  9. The badges are not removable. You are right about the suede... that's why I hestitate.
  10. How oddly funny it feels to have people discuss a brand for which you work for :P

    Am glad that you like the 160th anniversary beauty case, yan! It's got a great history, although personally, I find it a lil bulky.

    In terms of colours, I actually like the tan colour the most of all that's available. Then again, it could be cos I'm such a bore. :shame:

    Loewe sure does a lotta suede bags, but I've already preferred their leather bags. Their nappa leather is sooooooooooo yummy! :love:

    Will be kewl to find out which one you pick eventually!
  11. Never heard of this designer.... Where do they sell them?
  12. ^ i think it's more popular in europe. according to the website there is no store that sells loewe in the US. :sad:
  13. No stores in US? That is strange.
    Anybody know what the prce of the large beige one is? I really like it, and I always get sucked in my limited edition or anniversary bags.
  14. What's the price range on Loewe handbags?
  15. Loewe's a Spanish brand, so like RoseMary said, it's more popular in Europe. It's also doing quite well in Asia! :yes:

    Shopper12 - if you can post a pic of the bag you're refering to, I can try to find out the RRP for you.

    Bags start from the high hundreds - that's the entry level Pockets Collection. But average would be about S$2000 to higher.