Any Loehmann's printable coupons....

  1. pretty please? I had one that ended last week:cursing:
  2. sorry, wrong post
  3. If you shop at
    Loehmann's101 Seventh Ave.New York, NY 10011

    There is a 15% coupon for regular priced item.
  4. anybody? :shame:
  5. Where can I get this 15% off coupon?
  6. There's a 20% off sale or clearance items. I used it earlier this week. PM me with your email address if you are interested, DC. I think you need the entire email print out.
  7. surlygirl
    Sent a PM to you. Thanks a lot!
  8. Great. I sent you a PM. Thanks

    novosibirsk - hope you get to use it for the Michael Kors bag :smile: