Any LINK to see chanel bags online?

  1. is there any link like LV to see chanel bags online with the price? thanks.
  2. There isn't any official one but you can look under the reference library. Sometimes prices are posted together with the pics and code.
  3. This has been asked so many times. There's no link. The only place you can find prices is if you look at the reference library here or call Chanel.
  4. I also like looking at just to look at styles and to get the names. If you need prices you can always call your local Chanel or the 1-800#.

    Like said, I would also recommend checking out the Chanel reference thread as well. It's extremely helpful.
  5. our reference library or ;)
  6. doesn't have the prices....but they do have great pics of current bags!!! And sunglasses too!