Any Light Silver Reissue owners??

  1. I kept on looking on our Reference Library but I can't find a Light Silver Reissue from a PFer.. All are from advertisements.. Anyone in here owns 'em??? I wanted to see some real pics of this reissue.. Not from the ads... Please post them.. I've been wanting this bag for days / weeks now!!! :tender:
  2. :yahoo:Rica I've got the light silver in 225 but I have to get DH or daughters to show me how to post pics lol!Well in the beginning I thought I'd got the dark silver because in most pics Fers had posted it looked like mine I mean really silver/kind of foil colour.It's been my fav bag so far-you'll love it too!I use it as a dressy bag, though!
  3. If you check out the ref. libaries of Chanel w/Celeb, you'll see severall celeb. sporting lite silver reissue. Just flip the few last pages.
  4. I saw the ones from the celeb.. But I want a pic from a PFer's hand as well! hehehe! I want to drool over the photos!! Ohhh chanelspell!! Please post some pics for me!!

  5. LOL. I like to drool too. LOL
  6. Hi Rica here is my 225 light silver reissue pics were taken under natural light-I set it against dark background so there will be a contrast -I finally managed to send the pics with the help of DH lol!:yahoo:

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  7. Rica the first and second pics are true to colour ,in the last you can see the size compared to the medium/large red lambskin.I couldn't manage to send simple attachments-hope DH helps me again tomorrow lol!:graucho:
  8. I love this reissue, personalshopper used to have it for sale
  9. Wow! Thanks chanelspell! The light silver reissue looks soo gorgeous!!! Is it that shiny IRL? Because I've never seen one IRL.. Only the gold one.
  10. Thanks Rica! Yes it is!I see all eyes turning when I carry it hehe!:amuse:but as I said I use it only for special occasions since it is the 225.Are you getting the 225 too?
  11. does anyone else happen to have a pic of the bronze please??tia
  12. Thanks Mounia :smile:it was the only one my local boutique had brought and I actually saw it on the b/window while I was heading for the LV store!It was love at first sight!:love: