Any light grey jumbo owners?? and poll for my future purchase

Which would make a better addition to my small collection?

  • Black jumbo caviar classic flap w/ SH

  • Light grey jumbo caviar classic flap w/ SH

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Oct 5, 2009
Hi, I was wondering if people who own the light grey jumbo classic flap enjoy this bag? Is the color easily matched?

Is the light grey as versatile as the jumbo in black w/ silver hardware?

I currently have:

large black caviar classic flap w/ SH
226 black reissue with GH

Would the black jumbo caviar classic flap w/ SH or the light grey caviar classic flap w/ SH be a better addition? I want another casual daytime bag :smile: THANKS


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Sophie ^o^
Feb 13, 2007
I am an owner of a grey jumbo w/ ghw. Since I have 7 black Chanel bags already, it made sense for me to add greys to my collection. To me, grey is very versatile and neutral, like black but less boring. You have to work it into your wardrobe. I find myself wearing mostly black and grey, so it made sense to buy grey. I also find that it goes well with neutral pink and even black wardrobe.


Gobby See, Gobby Do!
Jun 3, 2008
I think that a black jumbo is an essential piece to a Chanel collection. It's classic durable, and goes with everything. But, then I saw you already have a m/l flap with silver hardware so I will say go with the grey. I think grey will go well with many colors and the jumbo great for multiple situatipn especially everyday use. But, if you're worried about it being to light, which would be my only concern than I would say consider a color like blue or red for a jumbo which could also be used everyday and give a nice pop of color.