Any legitimate sites to sell on?

  1. Besides ebay - are there any other handbag specialty sites to sell on. I want to sell my Pop Haut and don't know where else to go?? thanks gals!
  2. You can maybe contact my poppette auctions? Or one of the sellers on eBay (like Fashionphile) so they can sell for you.
  3. Have you tried selling your bag on this site? There are great/trusted sellers and buyers here.
  4. As far as I know - we are not allowed to sell anymore here
  5. Oh really? I thought that we have to post at least 70 postings before they give us access (I only have 65, hehehe). That was what they told me about 3 weeks ago.

    Thanks for telling me. I'm dissappointed that they made that decision.

  6. Thanks - I emailed to join their group!
  7. what about other types of bags we want to sell? id like another alternative to ebay
  8. No selling on tPF for over a month now! Not on the Forum nor in PMs! ;)
  9. The fashionswap yahoo group is a good place to post

    Someone here posted that link awhile back. Its where the members from Makeup Alley sell their things.

    I'm not a member of MA, but I often check that board to see what people are putting on the market.

    Unlike the Louis board though, they're not as anti-fakes, as someone posted 2 Chloe replicas from i-offer (she stated that they were replicas though and only wanted a couple of hundred for them, so it wasn't anything dishonest, just nothing that would really be supported here I guess)
  10. How much do you sell your PH?