Any leather carly owners out there?

  1. Got any pics to share?
  2. bump, i want to see them too...probably will be buying black leather lg carly soon
  3. Here's a pic of the camel in medium and black in a demi. The camel is much nicer IRL, it's washed out in this pic. The leather smells heavenly on these bags too and is so soft!

  4. I truly love my large leather Carly. It is a wonderful bag, it holds so much and still looks great. I am a tall girl, almost 5' 10" so I can carry a large bag. Definitely go and try it on in the store.
    Here's my Carly photo, however, it mainly shows my skull charm. lol
    I haven't taken one of me actually carrying it....did you want to see it on someone? I think if you do a search there are quite a few photo's of people with their Carly's on here. Good luck!
    Skull Charm.JPG
  5. Sweet Escape, I just clicked on the link in your signature...creative way to show your collection! And I love the pics at the end of your cat chasing your dog :roflmfao: