Any leads on a Jumbo Classic Flap in Beige?

  1. trying to find one! thanks!
  2. They did not make traditional beige this season. But there is a dark white/ivory one w/ the new chain. its cream colored.
  3. The Chanel boutique on Rodeo Drive said that they have the Jumbo Classic Flap in black, white and beige. I don't know which shade of beige that they mean. It could be the traditional one or the off-white one.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  4. I think NM got the beige jumbo flap. U can try there.
  5. chanelfans- which NM?
  6. Yes which? Also I am looking for Silver H/W..
  7. I could be wrong (and please forgive me if I am!) but I think the Bergdorf Goodman in NYC had a jumbo in beige this past weekend.

    Good luck!:heart:
  8. I saw one in Toronto last week.