Any Lawyers..Question??

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  1. My boyfriend was left land in his father's will when he passed. His fathers brother (uncle) also has land next to his w/ a house & lake on it. Well, the uncle sent my b/f a letter saying he was selling his & if he wanted to sell them together as one he will cut him a check at settlement, he had to sign to release the land for sale. He's been getting letters saying the land is sold & going to settlement in the beginning of July. It went to settlement & the check was cut for $22,000.00, the thing is it went to his mom & grandmother for child support. He knew nothing about this..if he did he would have never released it forsale & would have just built on it instead. In none of the letters did it mention that the money for that land would not go to him. The funny thing is his mother didn't even raise him, she was in jail & rehab for his whole life for the exception of 2 years. His mother received $16,000 & his grandmom $6,000. Are they allowed to do this??? It was left for him, is it right for his money be allowed to pay for his own child support? Thanks for any help..sorry it's kinda long..I'm just upset b/c we were gonna put that money down on a condo.
  2. This was back child support for your bf or money your bf owed to another child?
  3. back child support for he only has one child w/ ME! LOL
  4. Your boyfriend needs to gather all the paperwork he has on this and consult a lawyer immediately. Call your State Bar office and ask for a reference.
  5. Yea because even though back child support is owed. If he is over 18, I don't understand why they would be taking money from him personally for back child support that was supposed to be used for him anyway.
  6. I guess b/c it was extra money that she had to fork out so they are paying her back. But the thing that makes me mad is his grandmother had the nerve to hide it from him..when he has been waiting for that check to arrive. Then she waits for his mom to arrive to pick up the check at 11:00 PM & she tells him that she got the check & he didn't deserve it b/c he pisses away money. She's the one with the drinking problem anyways it's not the point if he pisses away money or not it's the fact that it's supposed to be his money & he can do with it as he wants. His mom is in a messy situation right now..shes been on a suspended license for the past 20 years for like 5 DWIs..& she steals a car, drives drunk, crashes the car into another car at a stop sign, & does a whole hit & run. Then to make things worse they gave her a week to turn herself in & she runs. The cops finally got her & she was in jail for like a week until his grandmother bailed her out. So, I think she needs the money for attorney fees & such. Haha I know his family is kinda messed up!
  7. Yea, he needs to get an attorney
  8. I don't get it... if she's owed child support, wouldn't the courts have to seize that money and give it to her? Seems pretty fishy that the uncle could write the check out for her instead of in your bf's name...and if it was in your bfs name, as it should've been... how did she cash the check? I'm assuming he's over 18 and no longer has joint accounts with his mom!

    I hope you guys get an attorney and have this sorted out :sad: Dealing with family money issues SUCKS!
  9. Thanks everyone for your help..he will be getting an attorney today..hopefully. He thinks its okay as long as his mom gives him alittle something. I told him he shouldn't settle for that...b/c it might have been a screw up somewhere.
  10. Be sure you find an attorney that has knowledge of both estate law, tax law AND real estate law. Estate law can be very complicated and the BIGGEST reason you need for this to be done on the up and up is because of TAXES. Estates are very very complicated in terms of the IRS and taxes, and if these transactions were not managed properly, there could be some tax liability involved. The last thing anyone needs is the IRS after them for unpaid estate or real estate taxes.
  11. good luck.
  12. oh man, he should have sold the land as separate from his uncle.... pls consult a lawyer right away.. its upsetting.. im sorry it happened to you guys,