Any lawyers out there?

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  1. Are there any Chloe bags large enough to work as a briefcase/laptop bag? I mean, I know I have to roll in the tragic black canvas file suitcase when I'm in court, but I'm looking for a day-to-day, big enough to carry my (small, light) laptop and a couple of files bag...

    I like the Paddington Shopper, but not crazy about the silver zipper around the bottom.

    I LOVE the Edith (both bowler and rectangle), but I never saw one that was at least 16 wide/long and 14 tall...

    Anyone have any ideas? I'm a preppy, classic, sort of understated girl...I looked at the Muse, but nothing blows my skirt up quite like a Chloe...
  2. Just checked out the Shelby. Cute, but prolly not big enough and I need a shoulder strap...
  3. The edith bowler is enormous if you are wanting a big bag - I would look into the dimensions, it is heavy, but the black version could be very classy for work purposes...
  4. I have two Ediths (satchel and bowling...) but I think it´s impossible to carry a laptop in them :shrugs:.

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  5. How about a large Edith with a shoulder strap? Wasn't it like 18" x 14"? I am not sure, though.
  6. The Tracy bags are perfect for an office but they don't have a shoulder strap!
  7. you need some sort of edith!
  8. I have a quilted bay that holds my little laptop - it's an Eee Pc though, so quite small. Would a bay be too small for you?
  9. The Large Edith - is 21 inch in length so it will take a laptop. It doesn't have an additional shoulder strap - but dependent on your size - i.e., if you aren't the Michelin Tyre Man - then you can get it on your shoulder - I know I can wear mine on my shoulder - well if I knew where she was I might!:graucho:

  10. How about the extra large paddy? I can't remember the dimensions, but this is also a very large bag. I have one at home that I can check to see if the fit is right with my HP laptop.
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    what about something like a paddington snap tote?
    I used to use it for something similar
  12. thanks for the response. i like the bowler, but i wonder if the shape is professional enough... i think i kind of need something somewhat rectangular, with a long shoulder strap. plus, i wouldn't know where to find one... they're from a past season, right?
  13. sounds good! haha. i actually have no idea what those look like... where would i find one? do they have shoulder straps?
  14. this would be ideal if i could find it in all black leather (and maybe an inch or two taller).

    it's the only edith i've seen that has a shoulder strap. i really love the edith. i'm going to pause and swoon for a second.

    ok, i swooned. anyway, does anyone use a edith for work? has anyone seen ediths that had a shoulder strap (other than the one above)?