Any large totes left in Saks?

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  1. Hi,

    Wondering if any large Cambon totes are left or beige. :smile: If you spot one, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. I got a call from Greenwich Saks in CT last Sat that they have a large tote with beige and black combo.Hurry up cuz they are doing 2nd round mark down pre-sale now for additional 30% off.:biggrin:
  3. Thank you! If anyone knows of a large pink anywhere, too, please let me know! That's my #1 choice!
  4. I spoke with Cathy at NM in Scottsdale yesterday. She said they have quite a bit of the pink Cambon stock available. Give her a call - 1-800-990-2100 ext 2094. Good luck.
  5. ^ I called. Don't know which SA I got, but she said no totes left in the Cambone line.
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