any lanyard (key holder) or notebook cover advice?

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  1. Hi Everyone! I am totally smitten with BV lanyards and I am on the hunt for more. They are also called key holders, but they are super long and go around the neck. I bought one in orchid in italy and I am dying to add to my collection of 1. I never see them come up for sale. Does anyone have a suggestion where I could find older colors like cobalt or tan or that gorgeous lime green (2008 I think)? Neither of the outlets have them.

    Also, I am interested in the BV large covers for legal pads. Does anyone have experience with these? I am a little nervous about this item b/c of the potential wear, especially on non-black/ dark brrown colors....

    Any thoughts?
  2. I love the lanyards too and for a long time I searched eBay for them. They almost never turn up. Maybe people never sell them.

    Orchid is a great color for one. Mine are Nero, Elephant (I couldn't find Truffle and this is close), and Pourpre.

    Good luck finding another, possibly for less than retail!
  3. I recently gotten a blue one with the metal hook, cannot figure out what blue, it is slightly brighter than cobalt.

    Love it, doubled as my office access card and train land yard and i hook my iPod on it while taking the underground train.
  4. My PIC and I ordered 1 each! :yahoo:

    Finally after soooo long we manage to find the right one for ourselves!

  5. oooh-- a blue one-- where did you get it? I have been on the hun for a bright cobalt-esque blue!! i did find an ottone at an outlet. I went to look on the bv site today for more options but it is down!!